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Event Performances is a company comprised of professional musicians dedicated to public and private performances. With our vast number of musicians from different backgrounds and expertise we are able to offer and feature every style and type of music. We will hand-pick our selections to match the unique style of your event perfectly.


Our performers have also been hand-picked to be part of our Event Performances family. We only select professional musicians that have worked in the performing field for 5 or more years. Each of our performers have a minimum of a graduate performance degree and an outstanding unique talent and performing style. 


One and more of our performers will be part of your special event. ​On this page, we woud like to introduce you to just a few our large network of professional Event Performances musicians. We are here to show you our artistry, music talent, professionalism, and our love for what we do. ​

Huandong - Violinist
Allison - Violinist
Emily - Harpist
Earnest - Cellist
Ana Laura - Violinist
Caroline - Cellist
Mariachi Band
Matt - Violist
Leah - Cellist
LeRoy - Trumpet
Nate - Cellist
Kelly - Baroque Flute
Event Performances Band
Roman - Cellist
Brandon - Percussionist
Allison - Violinist
Kelly - Flute
Event Performances
Mili - Violinist
Maria - Violist
Victoria - Pianist
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