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Feel free to contact us for any other and more questions.

Can I suggest repertoire for my event?

Yes. You can pick any song/piece from the large repertoire we offer. Nonetheless, if you have a special song/piece you would like the contracted ensemble to perform we will definitely work on it for no addition fees.

Can I customized the instrumentation of the ensemble for my event?

Yes, we welcome suggestions on what instruments you would like for your event. And of course we will guide you through this process.

What is the dress code of the ensemble for Wedding Ceremonies & Cocktails?

Our performers dress elegant black. Tuxedo for men, dress or formal for  our women performer.

I have a particular song/piece I would like the ensemble to perform, can they do it?

Yes, our performers can play anything. As long as we are givev the name of the song at least 4 weeks in advance, it would be fine. We can also arrange any other piece for the instrumentation selected to perform at your event.

I have a friend that would like to play a song during the Ceremony or during the Cocktail Hour.

 Yes. She or he is welcome to play at either the Ceremony or Cocktail hour. If it is a solo piece, we will have her/him within the Music program and plan on it. If she/he would like to play with the ensemble, we can easily arrange that as well.

At what time will the Prelude Music start?

The Prelude typically will start 30 minutes prior the Ceremony start time.

At what time will the performers arrive and set up?

The performers will arrive 30 minutes at the latest prior to the Prelude Music start time. It gives them the time to locate their spot to perform, talk to the wedding planner or coordinator if any, and review any songs they need to go over for acoustic purposes.

I have some pictures and/or videos of Event Performances in action. Can I e-mail them to you?

Yes. We love pictures! specially videos!. You can e-mail them to us at . We would really appreciate the gesture! Thank you in advance!

I have decide to add a cocktail hour to my event after booking the ceremony or other packages, what should I do?

We would be glad to assist you on adding a cocktail hour to the already booked event. We will easily add it to your already existing package you have with us. No problem.

What equipment would the musicians need at the event?

The musicians will come prepare with their instruments of course, stands, and their music. Please we require that you provide them with chairs with no arms for the performers. Thank you in advance.


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